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Welcome to Roberts Recycling Ltd! We are a family-run textile recycling company that’s all about making a positive impact. Our top priority is keeping textiles out of landfill. We are proud that we can reduce the carbon footprint of unwanted textiles by keeping them in circulation for longer and recycling them ethically when they come to the end of their useful life.

We’re in the business of collecting, sorting, and reselling tons of fashion waste every week. It’s our way of helping UK brands avoid sending their returns and excess stock to incineration or landfill. By giving these items a second chance, we’re doing our part to reduce waste and promote sustainability in the fashion industry.

We also operate a nationwide clothing collection network that works closely with schools, supermarkets, charities, and council recycling sites.

RRLTD by numbers


Tonnes of clothing processed and diverted from landfill by RRLTD on average every month


Tonnes of CO2 eq (carbon dioxide equivalent) saved on average every month by RRLTD related textile re-use*


Pieces of clothing diverted from landfill and repurposed each month


UK and EU brands currently working with us

* For information on how we calculated our estimate of CO2 eq saved, please see here.


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