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Roberts Recycling Ltd is an award winning, family run textile recycling company dedicated to buying, collecting and exporting unwanted clothes. Our primary aim is to divert waste from landfill, but we also pride ourselves on supplying affordable clothing to poorer parts of the world outside of the UK.

We collect and resell tonnes of unwanted clothing every week to help schools, charities and other organisations to raise much needed funds.

We also buy and export surplus and customer returned high street fashion, with de-labelling and proof of export being provided on request.

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RRLTD by numbers


Tonnes of clothing processed and diverted from landfill by RRLTD on average every month


Tonnes of CO2 eq (carbon dioxide equivalent) saved on average every month by RRLTD related textile re-use*


Paid to our partner organisations on average each week


Paid to our partner organisations to date

* For information on how we calculated our estimate of CO2 eq saved, please see here.


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We hear so often about recycling and reusing our old clothing. But repairing our clothing is just as important and helps create a circular economy….

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