Exit Strategy – What to do with those unwanted returns

As a business, we expect you will have a strong understanding of the many highs and lows that come from working within the business industry. And even more so, if you are based in the retail industry. 

Over the past five years, fashion retailers have had it tough, to say the least. With a lockdown making a change in customers’ shopping habits, to the rise in global warming resulting in the fashion industry having to stand up and make a change to the routine many brands have been in for decades. 

At our very heart, we here at Roberts Recycling are a recycling company, who want to ensure unwanted items do not go to landfill and whilst we work closely with many schools and communities, we also have developed a close relationship with fashion retailers to help them deliver the perfect exit strategy. 

What is an exit strategy?

An exit strategy helps define success and provides a timetable for charting a business’s progress. Overall it informs strategic decision making and a business must be prepared for the possibility of large quantities of products to be returned; if they are not this can result in having to make tricky decisions later down the line.

It also enhances the value of your business and gives room for flexibility because a successful exit strategy will allow for guidance and benchmarks to be put in place, which will be ideal when the brand reaches certain milestones in the future.

How can we help your exit strategy? 

Since our brand is all about recycling textiles, we are proud to be able to say we have helped several retail brands create a perfect returns exit- strategy! Our aim is to help retailer’s unwanted clothing not go to landfill. Therefore, we take control of all returns and manage their journey from store to their new home. 

With the unwanted returns, we turn them into affordable products for poorer parts of the world that have a lower income economy. Pushing reuse rather than landfill as typically 95% of fashion returns can be reused.

How can you partner with us to get your exit strategy going? 

So if you are looking for the perfect exit strategy we are here to help. To learn more and partner with us here at Roberts Recycling, please visit our contact page below and fill out your information. A member of our team will get in contact with you.

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