How Can Schools Raise More Funds?

Are you a school or community centre, looking to raise vital funds? If the answer is yes, well then you’ve landed in the correct place. Raising funds can be a daunting task for many but the good news is there are many great fundraising ideas that will not only bring in money but will help create strong relationships within your team. 

We understand money issues can cause major problems within our local community, such as forcing cuts to staff, a lack of resources etc but through textile recycling our scheme makes raising funds easy. Now is the time to take action and not only help your community but help make a real difference to our environment. 

Why Schools And Communities Should Be Recycling? 

Schools and Communities are busy places and busy places often produce a lot of waste. Whether that be textile waste or general waste, it’s safe to say it all needs a place to go. Together our goal should be to cut down on this waste ending up in a landfill site. We are able to do this by educating each other on how we can recycle our items correctly. 

On average schools generate 45kg of waste per pupil, per academic year, so there is plenty of room to make positive changes.

How To Take Action? 

Our scheme is all about encouraging textile recycling and helping to cut down the waste that goes to landfill. Here at Roberts Recycling and Recycle 4 School, you can raise funds for your school in 4 simple steps. Firstly, contact us to request your boxdrop, external bank or bags. We have three different options to suit all those who may want to get involved. 

Once your box or bank has arrived, it’s time to encourage fundraising. Why not reach out to parents and guardians and let them know exactly what you are doing. They may have wanted to clean out their wardrobe for a while and this is the perfect opportunity for that. 

Once your bin is full you will need to contact us and arrange a day for a collection. Once collected we will weigh them and issue a receipt for your collection. We then send a payment based on the weight collected into your bank account within 5 working days and it’s that simple. 

What Happens To The Collects Next? 

Once all of your clothing is collected and loaded onto our van it then begins its new journey. They could end up in any part of the world helping those who need new textiles. Different items will be more likely to end up in different climates, one example we like to use is that your old ski suit isn’t likely to be making its way to Africa any time soon. However, one thing all the clothes do have in common is that they are going to a place where they will provide affordable clothing to people who need it.

Want to raise funds for your school or community through textile recycling? Click here.

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