How Can You Slow Down This Black Friday?

It’s that time of year when Christmas is on our mind and with that comes gifting. But before Christmas, the UK takes on Black Friday (Friday, 26 November 2021). Black Friday is an American tradition, usually the day after thanksgiving, it has always been considered the start of holiday shopping. And whilst it is an American thing the UK has in recent years taken on the occasion. 

Now up and down the UK, many fashion brands will use black Friday as a marketing technique. It’s a chance for consumers to find the best items at the cheapest prices. This black Friday we want to say no to overproduction and overconsumption. We are encouraging everyone to take a stand against overconsumption and stand up to the fashions culture of waste. 

With 30% of shoppers in the UK expected to spend most of Black Friday buying clothing and shoes, it’s time to reflect on when enough is enough.

How Can You Cut Down This Black Friday?

Whilst we understand that the buzz of getting a bargain on events like Black Friday is great, it can also lead to unnecessary purchases. The issues arise when we go above and beyond, buying excess amounts of stuff. This is when we cause serious environmental issues. 

Now, is the time to take action on fashion and the climate crisis and the reality is that the fashion industry has devastating impacts on the planet and events like Black Friday only the situation worse.

So why not try not shopping at all this month. Look around in your home, is there anything that you really need. The reality is most of us are fortunate to already own a bundle of different items and anything we buy would just be extra stuff. If you manage to miss the Black Friday sales it will not only help your bank account but you will be doing amazing work for climate change. 

If it’s not possible for you to cut out shopping altogether, then we encourage you to think about your purchase before making them. Buying items that are essential or that you’ve been waiting to purchase for a while, of course, makes sense. Maybe it’s a new mattress or a pair of headphones, it is ok to treat yourself and enjoy the experience. 

Our main motto is to encourage people to cut down on what they buy. This can be done by simply pausing before adding anything to your basket online or heading to the till in a shop. If we were all to make considerate purchases our everyday actions would have less of an impact on the environment. 

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