How Decluttering Helps Our Mental Health

With World Health Day 2022 here, today we think about the many ways we can help our physical and mental health by making little changes to our everyday routine.

We may be biased but we believe that a good declutter or spring clean does our minds the world of good. And we aren’t the only ones who believe this.

A study from 2014, that was published in the journal Mindfulness found that participants who took part in ‘mindfully’ washing the dishes reported a 27% reduction in nervousness, along with a 25% improvement in ‘mental inspiration’.

So what does a declutter actually do for our minds?

  1. Improves Your Focus

There is no doubt that a messy environment can make it extremely difficult to concentrate and with more than 40% of the UK population now working from home our environment is key to our success. So cleaning down your office area, your overflowing wardrobe or decluttering your relaxing living room can all help to refocus your attention.

2. A Better Smelling Home Can Lift Your Mood

Have you ever gotten home from work and lit a refreshing smelling candle? There is no better feeling than a clean environment that also smells great. Sent have the power to transport us somewhere else and for our minds this can be life changing. Allowing your mind to switch off for a small portion of your day can be drastically helpful if you are feeling overwhelmed.

3. Cleaning Releases Endorphins

If you have been feeling low there are several things we can do to help release happy endorphins. Cleaning and exercise are two of them and if you clean quick enough you might even manage to combine them in one. Endorphins help overall to release anxiety and stress from the body, which after a long week is what many of us may find we need.

4. Enjoy A Better Sleep Routine

A decluttered bedroom makes room for a better sleep routine and we all know the importance sleep holds. A good sleep routine can be the difference between a healthy mind and distressed mind. At the National Sleep Foundation they said ‘ 5% percent said they sleep better when their sheets are freshly laundered and pillows plumped’.

5. Have A Clean Wardrobe

Ever woken up in the morning, gone to pick your outfit and known exactly where every piece of clothing was? This has to be up there with the best feeling ever, right? The reality is being organised and knowing where our everyday essential items are, makes busy working weeks that little bit easier.

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