How To Make Your Halloween More sustainable

Halloween is quickly approaching and the likelihood is we are all getting very excited about our costumes and wondering how scary we can look.

Although we can’t argue that Halloween is an extremely fun time of the year, Halloween can also be a very expensive and unfortunately a wasteful experience.

However, we are on hand to help make your Halloween more environmentally friendly. Let’s learn some of our top tips.

Reuse Old Costume

Why not reuse old Halloween costumes you already have from previous years. It’s more than likely you’ve bought one or two costumes in the past and it’s also likely they’re still in a great usable condition.

So forget about the fact that you might have already been a scary ghost two years ago, why not bring the ghost back and add a different twist onto it. It’s more than likely no one will call you out for wearing the same costume. So we say embrace it and make it your own.

Get Crafty/DIY

The very exciting part of Halloween is how much of it lens itself to DIY and creative ideas. We’ve all seen it, a ghost created from an old bedsheet, a pumpkin made from an orange reusable bag. Halloween costumes can be made from all sorts of old materials and it’s all part of the fun.

A bonus tip would be to use face paint instead of a plastic face mask. Why not get the children involved and make a game out of it. Who can paint the best face on each other?

As well as your costumes decorating your home can be a wasteful part of Halloween but using natural products like pumpkins, stockings and cardboard boxes can give you the spooky effect you’re after.

Trick Or Treat With Organic Candy

Arguably the sweets are the best part of Halloween. However, most sweets given out on Halloween are filled with artificial flavours colours and preservatives.

Why not try giving out treats made of natural ingredients or you could even step away from candy and gift trick-or-treaters with more reusable gifts. Such as, a fun tote bag, a water bottle or items in general that are not single-serve packages.

Halloween is a great time of year for family and friends to meet up and have lots of fun. But whilst these events are great it’s important to ensure we can play our part in helping make them a little greener and better for the environment.

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