How to Sustainably Get Rid of Textiles in 2024

Our top priority is keeping textiles out of landfill. We are proud that we can reduce the carbon footprint of unwanted textiles by keeping them in circulation for longer and recycling them ethically when they come to the end of their useful life.

We’re in the business of collecting, sorting, and reselling tons of fashion waste every week. It’s our way of helping UK brands avoid sending their returns and excess stock to incineration or landfill. By giving these items a second chance, we’re doing our part to reduce waste and promote sustainability in the fashion industry. Here’s how you can sustainably get rid of textiles in 2024.

1. Donate to Charities

Donating unwanted clothes and textiles to charities is a great way to give them a new lease on life. Many charitable organizations accept gently used clothing, bedding, and other textiles. This not only helps those in need but also keeps items out of landfills.

Tips for Donating:

  • Ensure items are clean and in good condition.
  • Check with local charities for specific needs.
  • Consider seasonal items that might be in higher demand.

2. Use Textile Recycling Bins

Textile recycling bins are becoming more common in cities and towns. These bins are specifically for unwanted clothes, shoes, and other textiles that may not be suitable for donation. The items collected are sorted and either reused or recycled.

Where to Find Textile Recycling Bins:

  • Local council websites usually provide information on recycling bin locations.
  • Supermarkets and community centers often have bins available.
  • Check with us at Roberts Recycling Ltd for our bin locations.

3. Upcycle and Repurpose

Get creative with your unwanted textiles by upcycling them into something new. Old t-shirts can become cleaning rags, jeans can be transformed into stylish tote bags, and bed sheets can be turned into curtains or aprons.

Upcycling Ideas:

  • Turn old sweaters into cozy pet beds.
  • Use fabric scraps for craft projects.
  • Create patchwork quilts from various fabric pieces.

4. Sell or Swap

If you have items that are still in good condition but no longer suit your style, consider selling or swapping them. Online marketplaces and local swap events are perfect for finding new homes for your textiles.

Platforms to Sell or Swap:

  • Online: eBay, Depop, Vinted
  • Local: Community swap events, flea markets

5. Support Sustainable Brands

Supporting brands that prioritize sustainability helps reduce the demand for fast fashion and encourages more responsible production practices. Look for brands that use recycled materials, offer take-back programs, and are transparent about their supply chains.

How to Identify Sustainable Brands:

  • Look for certifications such as Fair Trade, GOTS, and B Corp.
  • Research the brand’s sustainability initiatives.
  • Read customer reviews and ratings for insights into the brand’s practices.

6. Partner with Textile Recycling Companies

For businesses and individuals with a large volume of textiles, partnering with a textile recycling company like Roberts Recycling Ltd can ensure that your items are handled sustainably. We specialize in collecting, sorting, and reselling fashion waste to keep it out of landfills.

Benefits of Partnering with Roberts Recycling Ltd:

  • Ethical recycling practices
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Support for sustainable fashion initiatives


Sustainably getting rid of textiles in 2024 involves a combination of donating, recycling, upcycling, selling, and supporting eco-friendly brands. By taking these steps, you can make a significant impact on reducing textile waste and promoting a more sustainable fashion industry. At Roberts Recycling Ltd, we’re committed to helping you on this journey. Together, we can keep textiles in circulation for longer and create a positive environmental impact.

Ready to make a difference? Contact us at Roberts Recycling Ltd to learn more about our textile recycling services and how you can get involved.

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