How you can help the Fire Fighters Charity this January

Bag it and Bank it Campaign Aims to Break Records and Raise £100,000

Welcome back to the annual January Clothes Recycling Competition brought to you by Fire Fighters Charity! This year, we’re helping the Fire Fighters charity and calling on fire stations across the nation to join forces and make a significant impact in their service and region. The Bag it and Bank it campaign is back this January, and after the tremendous success of last year, the team are setting their sights even higher, with the goal of raising £100,000.

In the previous year, FFC incredible supporters, fire stations, and the public helped surpass their target, raising an impressive £96,394. This achievement was made possible with the contribution of over 400 tonnes of unwanted clothing dropped off at clothing banks situated outside 966 fire stations. Not only did this divert clothing away from landfills, but it also played a crucial role in supporting fire services community when they needed us the most.

Sales Manager Kevin Biles expresses his gratitude, stating, “The support our fire and rescue services have demonstrated for clothes recycling has been superb since day one. If it wasn’t for their help and enthusiasm, and the generous donations from members of the public, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today. Clothes recycling is such an important revenue stream for our Charity; since we launched in 2009, fire stations have generated over £5 million worth of income that can go towards supporting our fire and rescue beneficiaries.”

The success of this campaign not only benefits the environment by reducing landfill waste but also plays a vital role in supporting those who risk their lives every day for the safety of our communities. By reaching out to local residents, schools, clubs, hospitals, and businesses, stations and communities are once more being asked to come together to support the campaign.

For every tonne of clothing donated to a bank on a fire station, we receive an average of £220, contributing directly to helping firefighters and fire and rescue personnel in their time of need. This initiative not only fosters environmental sustainability but also reinforces the sense of community and collaboration among fire stations and the public.

To find more information on the Recycling Championship and access a marketing toolkit to kickstart your participation, click here.

Let’s make this year’s Bag it and Bank it campaign the most successful one yet, creating a positive impact for both our environment and the heroes who serve our communities!

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