How Your Clothing Is Helping The Community

Ever wondered how your unwanted clothing can help others? Our success stories show you exactly that.

Community is at the very heart of Roberts Recycling and we love hearing how our textile recycling scheme benefits so many in so such a positive way. In fact in 2021, we stopped over 4,291 tons of unwanted clothing from going to landfill and helped save over 2,700 tons of co2.

Success Stories

‘As a Community group helping support our residents, this has been a great way to raise funds and support the environment. Thank you for the extra £100, we are going to purchase a single bed for a child who does not have one. Once again thank you!’

Gerard Woodhouse, CEO Liverpool Six Community Association

‘A fantastic scheme we are so thrilled to be a part of – since we received our free clothes bank at school we have raised over £1000  in funds and diverted over 2.5 tons of clothing from landfill.

The money raised is going towards shade sails and picnic banks – thanks again Recycle4school!

-Gaby from the PTA of Chapelford Primary Warrington

‘A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our collection. You helped us get first place in the Eco-Champion competition, which means we get some extra money donated to us! Thank you Roberts Recycling we are thrilled.’

-Stanton Road PTA

Want to raise funds for your school or community through textile recycling? Click here.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help your organisation with textile recycling, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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