Roberts Recycling Ltd Weekly Review: Sustainable Fashion Innovations and Challenges

Welcome to our weekly blog where we delve into the latest happenings in the world of sustainable fashion—a sector closely intertwined with our recycling and sustainability mission at Roberts Recycling Ltd. This week, we explore significant strides and pertinent issues that are shaping the future of fashion in alignment with environmental stewardship.

1. CSDDD gets approved by the EU

The European Union has approved the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), which will hold companies accountable for human rights and environmental impacts throughout their supply chains. Last week, the 27 EU member states gave final approval to this new legislation.

2. Lego incentivises staff to cut emissions

To incentivise employees to help reduce emissions across its factories, stores, and offices, the LEGO Group has tied its bonus program to meeting green targets.

3. John Lewis announces menswear rental launch

John Lewis & Partners have launched a menswear rental service, powered by HURR, focusing on occasionwear. The rental offering includes brands such as Hugo Boss, Gant, and Charles Tyrwhitt. According to The Global Online Rental Report, the global menswear rental industry is predicted to reach £2.36 billion in value by 2027. Additionally, ‘mens rental’ has consistently ranked among the top 30 search terms on the John Lewis website for the past 18 months.

4. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation launches ‘The Fashion ReModel Project’

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation announced its latest project, ‘The Fashion ReModel Project’, which focuses on raising the profile of rental, resale, and repair models. The project aims to demonstrate the scalability of circular business models in fashion. Furthermore, the Foundation’s report states that these models could account for up to 23% of the global fashion market by 2030, representing a $700 billion opportunity to transform the industry.

5. Bloom Labs win ‘The Trailblazer Award’ at The Global Fashion Summit

At the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen, Bloom Labs was awarded ‘The Trailblazer Award’, empowering them to accelerate the development of their sustainable, next-generation alternatives to natural and synthetic fibers and plastics, using biomass waste from food and textile sources.

6. New guide for  fashion professionals to support implementation DPP’s launched

Also at the Global Fashion Summit, TrusTrace unveiled a new playbook, “Unlocking DPPs – The Why, What, and How of DPPs.” This guide aims to help fashion professionals implement Digital Production Passports, which are expected to become widespread between 2026-2030.

7. ‘Circular blazer’ launched by school uniform supplier

David Luke Ltd, a school uniform supplier, has launched a ‘circular blazer’ that will be recycled through Project Re:Claim, a polyester recycling plant that opened in the UK in January 2024. Project Re:Claim is a joint venture between The Salvation Army and Plan B (Project Plan B).

8. Nobody’s Child makes online rental pop up a permanent fixture

Nobody’s Child has permanently incorporated an online rental pop-up on its website, offering a 17-piece collection of occasionwear available for rent through the Zoa Rental platform.

As we again reflect on this week’s updates, the challenges and innovations in sustainable fashion underscore the pressing need for industry-wide changes—changes that Roberts Recycling Ltd is committed to supporting through our recycling and sustainability initiatives. Stay tuned for more insights next week as we continue to explore and contribute to the sustainable revolution in the fashion industry.

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