Roberts Recycling Weekly Roundup: SustainablE Fashion & Recycling

Welcome back to another weekly update from Roberts Recycling! As always, we’re here to bring you the latest and most exciting news from the world of sustainable fashion and recycling. Let’s dive right in:

Circular Design with John Lewis & Partners

Last week, John Lewis & Partners teamed up with the University of Exeter to develop a strategy for circular designed products. This new initiative includes a 20-piece collection of nightwear and bedding, aligning with the circular design toolkit from WRAP. The retailer is committed to ensuring that by 2028, 100% of their new ‘own-brand’ products will be designed with circularity in mind. This is a significant step forward in sustainable retail practices.

Carhartt’s Commitment to Sustainable Cotton

In material news, US workwear brand Carhartt has made a notable move by joining the US Cotton Trust Protocol and Better Cotton. This shift highlights their commitment to responsibly sourced cotton, ensuring their products are sustainable from the ground up.

CARBIOS and Zhink Group’s Recycling Collaboration

Biotech specialist CARBIOS has partnered with the Chinese textile group Zhink Group to build a bio-recycling plant in China. This plant will use CARBIOS’s innovative technology to recycle PET plastic and textile waste into virgin-like products, aiming to achieve true circularity in the industry.

Fulgar’s Bio-Based Nylon

Italian synthetic yarn manufacturer Fulgar has introduced a new bio-based Nylon, branded as Q-Geo, which is derived partially from corn waste. This innovation is a promising development in the quest for more sustainable materials in the textile industry.

Samsara Eco’s Major Funding Boost

Australian recycling company Samsara Eco, known for their work with lululemon, has successfully raised AUS $100 million ($65m) in their latest funding round. The funds will be used to scale up their global recycling capabilities using enzyme technology to recycle apparel waste, significantly reducing the amount of plastics heading to landfills and incinerators.

3D Bio-Tissues Launches Ethical Lab-Grown Leather

At last week’s The Sustainable Angle Future Fabrics Expo, UK-based start-up 3D Bio-Tissues launched a high-quality 100% ethical lab-grown leather sample. This innovative leather is produced without harming animals and can be treated with traditional methods, catering to the growing demand for alternative leather products.

Marks and Spencer’s New Repair Service

Marks and Spencer, as part of their ‘Plan A – Another Life’ Campaign, has announced a clothing repair service in partnership with SOJO. This initiative addresses the fact that only 10% of the population feels confident enough to repair clothing themselves, while 60% of consumers desire more services that support a circular lifestyle.

Barbour’s Festival Rental Service

This week, Barbour launched a rental service in partnership with Oxfam at Glastonbury, allowing festival-goers to rent pre-loved, upcycled wax jackets for £45 during the event. It’s a fantastic concept that encourages sustainable fashion choices among attendees. We’re curious to see how many jackets make it back after the festival!

eBay’s ‘Rocket Man Resale’

Last week, eBay unveiled the ‘Rocket Man Resale,’ featuring hundreds of items from Elton John’s wardrobe! All proceeds from this unique initiative will go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, combining fashion and philanthropy in a spectacular way.

Legal Campaign Against SHEIN’s IPO

In recent news, the UK human rights group Stop Uyghur Genocide has launched a legal campaign to block SHEIN’s flotation on the London Stock Exchange, potentially worth £50 billion. Despite the controversy, SHEIN has filed paperwork for a potential London IPO.

That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for more updates and continue supporting sustainable practices in fashion and recycling. See you next time!

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