Textiles 2030 – 3 Key Ways We Are Taking Action

This week marks the first-ever Textile Action Week, hosted by Wrap UK, and as we announced in May we have signed up to Textiles 2030 and over the next decade, this voluntary agreement will aim to cut down the environmental impact that UK clothing and home fabrics have on our planet.  

To celebrate this week we wanted to sign the light on the work we are doing and continue to do to help meet the Textiles 2030 key dates. Wondering what the key dates are? Learn here. 

  1. Our primary aim is to divert waste from landfill and every month we take over 400 tonnes of clothing, process it and divert it from landfill. Landfill sites are all over the UK and are a huge source of pollution. When rubbish ends up in landfill it breaks down at an extremely slow rate, which in the long run causes greenhouse gases that pollute and damage our environment. 

This is why we are so passionate about cutting down landfill waste. We are dedicated to buying, collecting and exporting unwanted clothing which stops unwanted textiles from ending up in landfill. 

2. We are proud to be able to say that on average, 2700 Tonnes of CO2 eq (carbon dioxide equivalent) is saved by our work. By lowering our carbon footprint, we can all help to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

3. We are able to do our work because all of the wonderful schools, charities and other organisations that sign up for our recycling scheme. Our scheme offers organisations the chance to encourage fundraising through their brand by placing one of our recycling bins/banks or boxes on their site. 

Parents/guidances can drop their unwanted clothing off at these locations. Once the bins are full we will collect the items weigh them and issue a receipt for the collection. Helping cut down landfill waste and fundraise for the chosen organisation. 

Over £20,000 is paid to our partner organisations on average each week. Making our scheme a great way to help public businesses go further. 

To conclude, with over 90 brands and retailers all committing to collectively target, measure and act to reduce their environmental impact are thrilled to be within the mix. 

A better environment is what drives us as a company and so the key targets for Textile 2030 sit within our everyday work and drive us to keep delivering the best service to all of our partners. 

Want to raise funds for your school or community through textile recycling? Click here.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help your organisation with textile recycling, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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