Top 4 Ways To Level Up your Wardrobe This Jubilee Weekend  

In our minds, the Jubilee Weekend is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and enjoy the festivities. And most often than not we can find ourselves reaching for new items of clothing when we have an event to attend. However, changing that mindset is hugely important if we must continue to help stop climate change. 

Regularly purchasing new clothing is harmful to landfill sites and increases the number of greenhouse gases that are released into our environment. Therefore anything we can do that can help eliminate this is extremely important. So let’s get stuck into the top four ways we can all level up all wardrobes this Jubilee weekend. 

1. Shop A Full New Outfit In The Charity Shop 

The best thing about charity shops is being able to utilise them on special occasions. Whether that’s a family wedding, fancy dress event or the Jubilee weekend. The UK is lucky enough to have over 11,000 charity shops, meaning we have no excuse to not browse in them. 

We say an afternoon in the charity shop is an afternoon will. Write a list of everything you aim to get before heading out to the shops that way you’ll be more than prepared.

2. DIY A New Outfit 

As we become adults we sometimes forget the enjoyment we got out of DIY and crafts as a child. But the reality is the more work we can do around repairing our old clothing and making our old clothing feel like new again, the better! 

The Internet is full of tutorials on how we can sew and repair our old clothing. There is also a bunch of content around crafting and enhancing our clothing which can make old pieces feel brand-new. So before you jump to wanting that new dress why not pause and think about using your creativity. This can also be a super fun family activity, encourage the children to piece together a red, white and blue outfit in honour of the Jubilee weekend. 

3. Re-style Your Current Wardrobe

As we touched on in point two, encouraging the family to use old clothing in a new way is the perfect solution to our outfit dilemmas. The reality is our wardrobes are full of perfectly usable clothing and the constant need for new stuff is the result of having so many options but if we can start to see our current clothing in a new light we won’t give in to this desire so much. 

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4. Rent Your Outfit Online 

Over the past five years, we’ve seen an increase in renting fashion services online. Some even suggest renting is the new thrifting. Renting is a super sustainable way to stay on trend with your outfits. We like to think of renting as borrowing from a friend, although in most cases you have never met him. 

Apps such as By Rotation and Hurr are the most popular fashion renting services in the UK and have seen a 70% increase in usage over the past five years. If you’re yet to try the renting experience we can’t recommend it enough and there’s no better time to get stuck in than this Jubilee weekend. 

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