What Is The Purpose Of Global Recycling Day 2022?

Global Recycling Day 2022 is approaching and this year takes place on the 18th March. Here at Roberts Recycling, it’s an opportunity for us to help raise awareness around the importance of recycling and recognise, and celebrate how much of a key role recycling plays in preserving our planet/home. 

This year the theme is ‘recycling fraternity’, which is all about celebrating those who put themselves on the frontline to collect waste and recycling during the pandemic, as well as holding a key focus on education. We are extremely proud to work with schools first hand and our everyday mission is to help educate children/parents around the damaging effects of landfill greenhouse gases, and the importance of discarding our unwanted clothing correctly. 

Why Is Global Recycling Day Important?

With more than 60% of UK households saying they have unwanted clothing and shoes and with over 350,000 tonnes of used, (but still wearable) clothing going to landfill every year, these are the very reason we do what we do. It is so important to understand that by reducing the amount of clothing going to waste, we can drastically help the environment.

How Can You Join Us This Global Recycling Day? 

On Friday 18th March, we will be actively sharing key recycling content across all of our social media platforms. From videos, polls and infographics it will be a jam-packed day full of fun exciting content and we encourage you to join us by following us on social media below. 

You can also join us by signing up for our recycling scheme. whether you are a school or community centre our scheme focuses on recycling old clothing and ensuring unwanted textiles don’t go to landfill. 

In addition, once collected every week we help schools, charities and other organisations raise vital funds, as well as buying and exporting surplus and customer returned high street fashion, with de-labelling and proof of export being provided on request.

So join us this Global Recycling Day and make a difference to the environment in 2022. 

Want to raise funds for your school or community through textile recycling? Click here.

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