Where Does Your Old Donated Clothing Go?

We’ve all been there. You’ve cleaned out your wardrobe, packed up the bags and dropped them off at a recycling bank/box. But what next? What happens to your unwanted clothing, where do they end up? The main goals of our recycling scheme are to help schools and communities raise vital funds and stop textiles from going to landfill. So let’s start at the beginning.

Once you drop off your bags at a Roberts Recycling bin your unwanted clothing then travels to our North West depot. Each bag of items is checked over by our team members and rubbish or waste is removed. The money raised by the school or community is based on the weight of the goods collected. This information gets passed onto the schools via our staff.

After all of our collections have been done for the day, we then look at where the goods will be sent. We pride ourselves on sending our goods to the country which they’re most suitable for, most often this is between Eastern Europe or the Middle East. Once there, they are sorted and graded for resale. It is very likely most items will be sent to be sold again as an affordable alternative to new clothing and anything un-suitable for re-wear is turned into a new product like wipers, carpet underlay or energy recovery.

We are keen to always share our zero waste to landfill policy with our customers and it is at the route of Roberts Recycling. It’s important that we are transparent and by doing so we hope we can encourage more positive work around textile recycling.

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