Why is repairing clothes important?

We hear so often about recycling and reusing our old clothing. But repairing our clothing is just as important and helps create a circular economy. If we can ensuring our clothing is durable and long-lasting, we will be taking huge steps in creating a more sustainable fashion industry.

The Brands

Over the years we’ve seen several brands offer repairing services and whilst most high fashion brands have always offered this service in recent years we’ve seen more affordable brands provide it. The likes of Ganni who states:

“We need to understand responsibility in a circular context that goes beyond the point of sale and the partnership with Sojo is an opportunity to help reduce a significant amount of environmental impact.” – Andrea Baldo, CEO of Ganni

By offering a service that goes above and beyond your typical shop experience, textile companies are able to encourage their consumers to reuse and continue to wear items in their current wardrobe. Fashion brands also have a huge responsibility in being transparent within their marketing, consumers should know how their clothing is made and how it can be cared for once purchased.


As consumers we can also take responsibility around making our clothing last longer. Why not take up a sewing course and learn how to repair all damaged clothing. The Internet is full of content around sewing and repairing or textiles, from Google to YouTube nowadays there is really no excuse to not learn a new skill.

So the next time you noticed a rip or hole in one of your clothing pieces you will have the knowledge and skills to repair it yourself.

Little steps such as this one create hugely positive impacts on our environment. The more we can do to make our clothing last longer and encourage people to reuse old clothing the bigger impact we will be having on cutting down landfill waste.

Overall the option to repair your clothing is always want to consider before you take it to be recycled. And here are five reasons why we believe you should.

  1. Repairs generate less waste
  2. You can keep your favourite item of clothing for longer
  3. You can learn a new skill by watching a YouTube video or reading a blog on sewing techniques
  4. Start a side hustle? The chances are if you get really good at repairs you can even offered to help your friends and family
  5. Repairing your own clothing is a FREE activity

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