Why Use Textile Recycling Banks?

Textile recycling banks are a simple and effective way for the public to dispose of their unwanted clothing. It allows old clothing to be given a second chance at life. Here at Roberts Recycling, we offer communities and schools recycling banks, we also provide pop up boxes and bag collections. Our mission is to stop clothing from going to landfill and help achieve more of a circular textile industry.

Recycling banks are often located in areas such as schools supermarkets and retail parks. It’s important if you are to donate to one of our banks that the correct items are placed within it. For a full list of what we accept click here. 

Community And Schools

Do you know a community or school that recycles? The likelihood is we have all seen a recycling bank in our local towns at someplace or another, but how often do you go out of your way to place items in the bank? Recycling banks are hugely beneficial to helping create a better environment and they are an easy way for us all to play our part in helping stop climate change. 

They also help communities and schools raise vital funds for important causes. By having a simple spring clean out and using one of our recycling banks, you can make a huge difference to the world and those in need. 

Raise Money

One of the best ways for charities and schools to raise funds is through a textile recycling bank. The incentive to turn any unwanted clothing into much-needed funds is a great one and the steps to get started are so easy. 

Simply contact us and book a clothes bank, once you have filled it, we will collect and pay you for the weight of textiles you have accumulated; it really is that simple. 

It’s amazing to see the hugely positive impact that our recycling banks have on all those who have joined our scheme. 

Got A Bank But Not Using It? 

So you’ve got your recycling bank but you’re struggling to encourage donations? We are all well aware of this issue but there are many ways that you can help encourage more drop-offs. Here are our top 3 tips to follow: 

  1. Send a letter out / email to notify people about the bank and where it is located. How are they meant to drop off items if they don’t know where it is? 

2) Host a workshop day. A workshop can be a great way to raise awareness around the importance of recycling our unwanted clothing. It’s very likely most people don’t know about the harmful impacts landfill has on our environment and so it’s our job to give them that knowledge.

3) Why not try posting on social media. Now more than ever social media is the place to be. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to being online. We are now able to reach a much larger group of individuals with the help of the web. 

So whether it’s you or somebody who has a little bit more knowledge around social media make the most of the Internet and use it to raise awareness around your textiles recycling bank.

Want to raise funds for your school or community through textile recycling? Click here.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help your organisation with textile recycling, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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