Climate Change – How can you help?

With the IPCC reporting this month a code red for humanity, the conversation around climate change has never been more important.

The temperature is rising and sea levels are at the highest they have ever been, meaning we are quickly reaching The point of no return. All of this information can be extremely overwhelming, so we’ve put together a guide of simple ways you can help reduce climate change. 

  1. Look for ways to use more renewable energy

The number one goal for humanity in the next coming years is to limit the use of fossil fuels. This is done by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. So for everyday people, this might be driving or flying less, switching to a green energy provider, and changing what you eat and buy. 

Whilst these things alone won’t solve climate change experts agree that these are highly important. If we can pause in the morning and think about our actions throughout the day together we can help to seriously reduce the use of fossil fuels. 

The more you can go car-free this ultimately means they’ll be fewer cars on the street that are emitting toxic pollutants. Which have a direct link to climate change. So next time you thinking about walking the shop ditch the car and enjoy a nice long stroll. 

2. Eat more plant-based

Eating a plant-based diet is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. The climate impact from the production of meat is huge and on average each meat-eater is responsible for 1.5 tons of greenhouse gases. 

The production of meat is the real issue here and these production methods are considered one of the main drivers of environmental damage. So if we look to stop the production of meat, we look to stop the harmful effects they have on our environment. 

3. Remember the three of R’s 

As a recycling company, you can bet we’ve heard of the 3Rs numerous times but they are very important. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Whatever the item, whether it be clothing or home decor if you’re looking to get rid of it think of ways in which you can either reduce, reuse or recycle it before you decide to bin it. 

By binning our unwanted stuff, we send them to landfill and landfill causes toxic greenhouse gases. And yes as you can imagine, they damage our environment. So be patient and think of the journey your unwanted items go on before placing them in your everyday trash bin.

4. Sustainable Fashion 

Through our work we’ve learn’t of the harmful impact the fashion industry has on our environment and in 2018 it was reported that the sector was responsible for 2 .1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases. 

This is why shopping sustainability is hugely important. By finding truthful/sustainable brands that provide their workers with good working conditions and have the actions to back up their sustainable ethics we can help slow down the produce of fast fashion.

Clothing, in general, has a very complex supply chain so it can be difficult to account for all the emissions that come from producing one single item, so by shopping sustainable, reducing the amount we buy, and using what we already have, we will stop contributing to the production of it all.

There are many more ways in which we can contribute to slowing down climate change but taking that first step is what’s really important. As well as our blog, we will continue to share ways in which we can all tackle climate change on our Instagram page which you can view here.

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